4 Trends To Consider for Your Kitchen Renovation

If you are considering a kitchen renovation in the near future, here are four smart trends to consider:

- Consider garages for your appliances. Cabinets to hide appliances are a sleek and smart way to keep your kitchen looking and feeling oh-so tidy.

- Consider installing a pot filler. You can fill pots with water right at the stove, or even install a pot filler above your pet's water bowls for ultimate convenience!

- Put that island to work for all things, including as a home base for appliances like a dishwasher (especially if your sink is also on the island.)

- Don’t put that cutting board away — give it its own drawer right over the trash can, for Pete’s sake!

Looking to better organize your kitchen? Check out our blog on Setting Up Kitchen Zones for Efficiency and Organization. 

Thinking a kitchen renovation may be in your future?  Reach out to the Sandra Libby Group. We would be happy to tell you how your renovation plans may impact the value of your home. 

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