Selling Your Annapolis Luxury Home in 2023

With the market shift of 2022, rising mortgage rates left affluent house hunters with sticker shock as they watched potential mortgage payments increase by thousands of dollars per month.  The good news is that despite interest rate hikes, homebuyers will continue to snap up high-end properties over the coming 12 months.

Keep in mind, though the number of affluent home buyers who want to take on pricier mortgages will be less than in the past, which means the market will be more competitive. You’ll want to know the following if you’re considering selling your Annapolis luxury home in 2023:

Who you hire matters

Hiring a Realtor with experience in the luxury market will become the most important decision you make when selling your home. Not all real estate agents are equally capable. Our team of luxury specialists will guide you on how to price your home and market it to affluent buyers appropriately.

We'll also leverage our network of high-net-worth clientele to identify a match for those searching for a home just like yours.

Staging & Features 

The Sandra K. Libby Group’s full concierge service provides you with the expertise and staging talent needed to help you make your home look its finest. Arranging your home so it highlights the most outstanding features will draw buyers' attention to the lifestyle of living where you live. 

High-end buyers want the latest in technology and upgrades from a luxury home in Annapolis, so you’ll want to be sure you’ve taken the time to make the absolute best updates and include smart home appliances and electronics where possible.

Exclusive Marketing

Skip the public open house; luxury home buyers moving into or within Annapolis searching for homes must be reached in a unique way. We recommend income-targeted advertising around your social media, digital, and print marketing.

Create appealing video content that makes it easy for buyers to quickly sense just how unique your home is.

Luxury home buyers in Annapolis want you to respect their privacy and appreciate when you create beautiful videography that allows them to experience the home virtually to help them decide if they want to go through the process of actually walking through it.

A Network of Key Relationships Will Play a Pivotal Role 

When marketing a luxury home, having an exclusive clientele is essential. Working with a targeted client base ensures that you have more control over the potential buyers who visit your home. Not only does it give you access to more qualified individuals interested in buying the property, but it also creates a sense of scarcity and prestige for those who do get access to view and purchase the property.

Focusing on an exclusive audience can help ensure that people understand they truly have something special. This is another area where the Sandra K. Libby Group can really make a difference when selling your luxury home in Annapolis. Our network of other real estate agents specializing in luxury properties stretches not only throughout the entire Mi-Atlantic region but throughout the world.

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